The Twelve Step Warrior

The Twelve Step Warrior by Peter Skillen


I spent most of my young life searching; searching for a meaning to my existence. The problem was, I was searching in the wrong place.

My search was conducted on the very edge of society among fellow outcasts, all of them looking for answers, all making the same mistakes, all looking in the wrong places.

I wasn’t going to find a life worth living among the thieves, fighters, gamblers and one-time somebodies that propped up the bars of the worst drinking holes I attended back then on a nightly basis.

The people I was mixing with then had already given up on their search and I too had fallen into their fold. My existence had become a beggar’s search for the next hit of alcohol. I didn’t really care who bought it for me, but I needed it, I craved it and it consumed me.

All my thoughts, even when I had achieved my goal and was standing looking longingly into a full glass, were on where the next drink would come from. I was at the jumping off point and had to find a way out of this dark existence.

This is the story of how I found my way out of that darkness and into the light.
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33 thoughts on “The Twelve Step Warrior

  1. Not being an avid reader of books; I downloaded this and, to my surprise,found it almost impossible to put down. The book pulls no punches and sends out a clear message to its readers. An inspirational read.

  2. a truly incredible and blatantly honest story of Peter’s life and how he became an alcoholic and the journey through that and how he overcame it. I was bowled over by his journey and his courage both in overcoming it and writing so honestly

  3. This book was for me very emotional yet heart warming any many way’s, I’ve read bith version’s now and for me as a geown man to cry was enough to feel the authors pain and joy. However to see him truly turn his life around not only to help himself achieve but to bring so many others onlg the way too is very inspirational. Thank you Peter I take my hat off to you sir and keep doing what you’ve set out to do in you’re new found life.

  4. An inspiration! Triumph over odds a great message, it doesn’t matter where we’ve been, if we believe and see “the light” the world is there for us to enjoy

  5. A stunning book, how one man who went through the most darkest times of his life and finally the light started to slowly break through, now the sun shines every day on his life and it’s reflecting on others and helping them too come through the dark

  6. A book that’s truly worth the time to read, Emotional, Inspirational and nothing is held back from you.

  7. Excellant read,and because im an ex dependant i could relate to how people make you feel and the lonliness you are up against,very intense book,i couldnt put it down,and but well done for the turn around it takes alot to admit you are am alcoholic but it takes alot more will power to change your life around and face your demons,well done mr.peter skillon,im know this will encourage others on there journey.

  8. Peter has written this straight from his heart. I was very much around in those days, same pubs, same town. He is an inspiration to all.

  9. It’s a amazing book.. I knew Peter in his younger years and never realised what he went or was going through!! Bless him.. He’s become a very strong and focused man.. Take my hat off to him! He’s turned his life around and hopefully so many others… Great work Peter! Xx

  10. Heard this book is amazing it’s on my to read list! Know the author a fantastic guy looking forward to reading this.

  11. Very moving book. I identified with my own struggles through life to the point of a successful change. I read parts to my teens as life lessons about choosing different paths throughout life to achieve what you really want.

  12. Well done Peter for turning your life around and being an inspiration to so many. And thanks for the mention in the book

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