The Path To Redemption

The Path To Redemption by Steven J Smith

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The Path to Redemption is a thrilling page turner of heroism, prophecy, intrigue and power struggles set against the devastating back drop of the Crusades. It is also a story of an ordinary man who becomes inextricably entwined in a world he wants no part of nor fully understands to protect those he loves.

The date is 1145 – The long shadow of all consuming war hangs over the Christian Kingdoms of Outremer…Pope Eugenius III proclaims a second Crusade as the self-proclaimed Lion of Islam; Zengi captures the city of Edessa and amply avenges the European atrocities in Jerusalem some forty years previously….

As Conrad III of the Holy Roman Empire and Louis VII of France answer the call to arms and lead new legions of Crusaders to the Holy Land, one man; James Rose, leads a simplistic life as a horse trader away from the swirling maelstrom of religious fervour and political uncertainty of the age. Part Venetian and part English, friend of Muslim, Jew and Christian but void of religion himself, a peace loving family man who becomes embroiled in a truly frantic individual battle for vengeance. One simple act of compassion leads to a devastating series of events and adventures which will change the course of history itself.

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27 thoughts on “The Path To Redemption

  1. Fantastic page turner of a thrilling novel, set during the Crusades. The main character; James Rose is a man everybody can relate to and stumbles into a devastating journey with catastrophic consequences followed by a heroic adventure. Historical novel well worth reading and an author worthy of renown.

  2. For anybody who likes historical novels with a little more intrigue and excitement, filled with emotive characters you will love or hate, this is the book for you.

  3. Great novel, absorbing story from beginning to end! James Rose is a fantastic flawed main character who I guarantee you will root for.

  4. The Crusades as part of a defensive war against the expansion of Islam in the near east , a part of long running conflicts at the frontiers. Thus an historical novel telling about heroic gestures of several soldiers who became Crusaders. Intriguing and amazing story of James Rose , a sort of contemporary hero who fights for the FAITH
    I definitely recommend this book

  5. Really strong story, great characters who you believe in and in depth historical knowledge of the author makes this novel a must read.

  6. Am just halfway through this novel but have read about 200 pages in a few days – it is completely absorbing – the characters are multi-dimensional, the storyline is gripping and the note to detail with regards to the historical setting is incredible. This author (and I believe from his website that it is his first novel) is very talented and I hope he wins this award.

  7. Am through the first few chapters and reading whenever I get a gap…love James Rose and cannot wait to discover what his full story is…riveting!

  8. There are many different fascinating characters in this book. It is a real page turner. You will be intrigued by some of the characters. Wait until you meet Fatima. If you love the history of the crusades then you will love this book. A great new author.

  9. I have just finished your book. Great read, the characters and place in history really was superb. The historical detail and plot excellent. What a gory period and sadly it could read today as it did over 1000 years ago. Has much changed? A very talented author!

  10. This book is a tremendous read, and not just for the historical fiction lover. The depth of character and the emotive prose definitely draw you in to the intricate web of religious politics and intrigue. The story moves at pace and is an exhilarating roller coaster ride of emotions as James, Aisha, Alessio, Thomas and others embark on their journeys to redemption. A fantastic novel and I am personally hoping for a sequel!

  11. This is a really strong first outing from Steven J Smith, who has managed to create fantastic characterization and a believable story line that links into actual historical events. This is a cleverly worked and sensationally written book.

  12. If you like Bernard Cornwell, you will love this book – its a historical rip roarer of a novel with fantastic characters, superb writing style and a truly great story line. Deserves to win the award in my humble opinion!

  13. A really good read – hopefully the first of more stories to come regarding James Rose in this fascinating historical caper.

  14. I have almost finished this book and do not want it to end! A veritable feast of fiction for the historical reader, I have loved this book!

  15. This is a must read book if you love historical fiction – from the detail of the era to the fantastic characters, from the thrilling story line to the exciting battle scenes, there is something for every reader here.

  16. A great read, exhilarating adventure story with just the right emotive characters to make you care what happens….fantastic battle scenes, brilliant nod to historical detail and a thrilling prophecy inspired yarn. loved every page.

  17. I voted for this last year and am happy to vote again this year – loved, loved, loved this novel – the central character is immense and am impatiently awaiting the next book with James Rose in it!

  18. Initially hesitant, this being my first taste of historical fiction, I was quickly captivated. The rich seam of reference and detail which ran through every page, served to bring clarity to the main characters, painting them as warm, complex and very relatable. So endearing was the central figure, James Rose, who’s company on this journey I did so enjoy. I very much look forward to more from Mr Smith.

  19. This novel is a must read for all lovers of historical fiction and those who would like to try the genre. The storyline is incredible, the action intense, with emotive characters and super conversational script. It moves at pace and much like a film, which I can easily see it being made into with its vast, epic locations and backdrop of the Crusades. Well done to the author!

  20. A fantastic novel! Nothing else to say – cannot wait for the sequel – there will be a sequel Mr Smith?

  21. This is an awesome novel, really strong characters, great story line, historical accuracy is amazing…everything you could wish – move over Historical Fiction authors – Steven J Smith has arrived!

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