The Book of Being by Lee Follender

The Book of Being: Your Playbook on How to Be Happy & Win at the Game of Life! Paperback – May 7, 2018

Do you dare to create a life of fulfillment, value, and satisfaction? Have you tried everything you currently know how to do to accomplish this – and still fall short? Then, the Book of Being is the perfect place for you to start.

When you are ready to take a leap forward and stop living out of the past, begin today with the Book of Being. It is designed to walk you through exercises that will enlighten and surprise you with insights and provide actions you can take to move yourself forward and enliven and empower your future.

As human beings, we allow ourselves to be stopped by what our past tells us we can and cannot accomplish; by who we know ourselves to be from looking backwards – at our history. Learn how to live – in this moment – and create a future bigger than you can imagine. It requires courage, a willingness to be bigger than we know ourselves to be – and to reach out for what has, until now – eluded us.

The Book of Being is truly Your Playbook on How to be Happy and WIN at the Game of Life!

Take the first step in your personal effectiveness journey and discover the unlimited possibilities in front of you!


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