Hurricane Ron

As an investigative reporter, Ron McKee didn’t expect to be fired for reporting the truth, but truth is inconvenient for the corrupt, local sheriff, and so it becomes for Ron. Still, he takes it all in stride until he finds his wife has run off with their son.

After taking his frustrations out on his wife’s lover, and following up with a deadly run-in with a group of local hooligans, Ron finds himself on the run and things only get worse with every decision he makes. Ron’s attempts to stay ahead of an ensuing law enforcement dragnet take him and his prized Harley-Davidson “Betsy” on a punishing journey through the backwoods of Alabama to the Carolina mountains. Just as he feels he’s run far enough and hopes to return home he has a run-in with “Thor’s Hammer,” a motorcycle gang of combat-hardened military veterans who use skills learned from the “Global War on Terror” to run an untouchable, multi-state criminal empire.

Ron must try to steer clear of the maniac bikers long enough to rebuild the battered Betsy and himself, before he can return home to clear his name. Even if he survives the wrath of Thor’s Hammer, he still has to race home to face the murderous sheriff who now has his son and wife in “protective custody,” all while a Category-Three hurricane tears apart his hometown.

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Second Skin The Pack

Alex Thomas’ family has just moved back to Greenwood on the edge of the city, a sleepy woodland town where Alex’s father grew up.
However, his father’s family holds a secret, and Alex’s life changes when he finds out he is much more than he appears to be.
As a fight for dominance among two family legacies begins.


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The Second Coming

God looks down on Earth and is disgusted with what he sees his creation has become. He decides that humanity is a failed experiment, and he orders Earth and all of humanity destroyed. He will start again from scratch. Jesus, however, intervenes and requests one more opportunity to thesecondcomingturn mankind around. He is given one year to see if he can make a significant difference.

If you are a fan of the “Left Behind” series, this is your type of book. Asking the big; What If?