Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan III

Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan III by Kathleen Tedsen, Beverlee Rydel

Printed Book

Paranormal investigations where history is retold by the spirits. Join the authors as they explore some of Michigan’s most reputedly haunted locations.

This book is web interactive. Read the story, see and hear the evidence on the Haunted Travels of Michigan[s website … decide for yourself.


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30 thoughts on “Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan III

  1. As with all of The Haunted Travels books, the authors do a fabulous job with their historical research! Being able to hear the evp’s on their web site in the secret rooms is an added bonus.

    • Well detailed written stories of their investigations of truly haunted locations in Michigan. The Authors have done an amazing job researching each location in depth for the historical research and facts. The EVP”s are an added plus.

      • The one issue with the evp is that if you download them and analyze them, it is VERY evident they are faked. Good read, but don’t put too much in to the evp.

        • Dan, The EVPs are not fake. We have too much integrity for that. If we wanted to fake audio, we could kick out books every year. It takes us 2-3 years of research/investigation to kick out books. We travel somewhere between 10,0000 to 15,0000 miles a eyaer on investigations. The audio has been cleaned and have had filters applied for improved clarity on the internet. The audio has also been compressed into .wav format. For anyone to identify *faked* evidence, they would require the original, uncompressed, unfiltered raw audio.

        • Dan H, I can assure you that the EVP evidence is not faked !! I The Authors are my friends and I have had the wonderful experience investigating with them on the Bath Story in this book, and Mackinac Island. I m an EVP Specialist, and submitted several of them captured at these locations that are in the book. It is kind of hard to fake evidence, when 3 women are investigating and you capture a mans voice answering your questions when no men are present. Skeptic’s don’t bother me too much.

  2. Spirits Rising is one of those rare few books on the paranormal that is objectively/intelligently written. Each story instantly drawing you in – from the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and the backroads of Mackinac Island, over to Houghton Lake and down to Big Rapids, Michigan and quiet town of Montcalm and Waterford, Michigan. I have to say the website with audio/video is another very unique feature. The authors ultimately allow the reader to be the final decision-maker. A standout in the genre. I recommend all books in the Haunted Travels of Michigan series.

  3. Wonderful book! I especially enjoyed the Lady on the Lake story that took place near the town where I grew up. Wow! Great writing. Enjoyed the linked website as well. Whether a believe in the paranormal or not, Spirits Rising (or all the Haunted Travels of Michigan books) are a must read. Highly recomment.

  4. I know the authors personally. They do a fantastic job into their history on each and every story and look into every possibility whether paranormal or natural. I trust these two options and have worked with them on several cases. There are the best and very down to earth. Love these two. God Bless, Norm

  5. All the Haunted Travels of Michigan books are FANTASTIC reads! The authors do a wonderful job of giving the reader historical and factual details!… The evp’s are a bonus! (edited) The truth is the evp’s are NOT faked. I know these woman, they pride themselves in researching all possible investigation sites and historical details prior to any investigation. They are honest and truthful women. I would reccommend that those who may be a skeptic…..attempt to go on an investigation with these authors and see for themselves how professionally they conduct All investigations. Or ? these authors travel and do presentations around Michigan sharing their experiences….Hear it for yourselves in person? And go to one of their presentations…..? I would reccommend reading anyone of these books! They are great!

    • Thank you, Liz. Knowing us better than most, your words of support are truly appreciated. Honest/integrity is everything to us.

    • Traditional footprint bookstores sell out and aren’t especially good with quickly restocking. It’s available quickly at on-line retailers like Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.

  6. Don’t just read Spirits Rising.. GET ALL THREE BOOKS,, You will totally fall in love and the most amazing thing is the interactive part..Makes you feel like you are RIGHT THERE!!!

  7. Not a fan. I found this book somewhat boring. Sure, the history of the locations ‘investigated’ were interesting themselves, but I felt distant from the authors. It all seemed somewhat dry and did not pique my imagination much. It all seemed kind of ‘staged’ in a way to me. Trust me, I AM a believer in the paranormal, but these ladies did nothing to make a non-believer come around to their side of the tracks. And for that matter, what makes these authors ‘experts’ on the subject anyway?

    • Hey James, sorry you are not a fan. Experts…well we never claimed to be experts. Don’t know who is expert in the paranormal. We simply investigate, provide evidence that has been very closely screen by us, paranormal teams and often experts in audio and video (out of the paranormal); then try to connect the history to the evidence. I would love to meet an expert. Thanks for your comment.

    • James…. The job of these authors I don’t think are to make non-believers believe? Or come around to “their” side… They provided factual history and evidence they found and have researched and leave it up to the reader to decide what ‘they’ believe…. the authors connect what facts and history they find with evidence… I found all their books VERY fascinating and I don’t believe they claim they are ‘experts’ they are sharing what their research and extensive work has produced.

      • Thank you, Liz. That’s exactly what we attempt to do. We do not attempt to make non-believers into believers. We allow readers to make their own decisions. And, we absolutely do not claim to be experts. Never have and never will.

  8. I’ve been to a few of Kat & Bevs investigations and talks, I also proudly own and share their books. They don’t make a claim to be experts but just provide the reader and listener with places, experiences, facts, findings and evidence. They do not try to make non believers into believers, they educate and provide an experience with their investigations that you can join. They are top notch and I wish everyone had an opportunity to experience not only one of their talks in person but to join in now of their outstanding investigations! Thank you Kat & Bev!

    • Mary, thank you so much for that kind comment. It means a great deal to us. We put a great deal of time into research/writing for our books. It’s fantastic to know what we do is appreciated. We also put great deal of time in organizing and running public investigations that will allow people to experience what it’s like on a real investigation. Thank you again. – Kat

  9. These two ladies put in a great deal of time, effort and historical research to complete their books and should be commended.

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