Police,Lies & Alibis

Police,Lies & Alibis by John Donoghue


Discover what REALLY happens in the police.
Is the discovery of a headless corpse the work of a serial killer?
When do police & paramedics fall out?
Who killed Yoda?
What is a Death Fart?
Why do some criminals think they are ‘worth it’?
Who invented the Crying Machine?
How do you beat the burglar?
Why do the police have to pay particular attention to boobs?

Come on patrol with PC Donoghue and get the answers to all these questions and more.

Police, Lies & Alibis is the fascinating and hilarious account of a year in the life of a front line police response officer, and the only humorous police book written by a serving officer who is not hiding his identity.

WARNING: Contains Humour & Traces of Nuts


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5 thoughts on “Police,Lies & Alibis

  1. Really enjoyed this book, as good as the first one if not better, plenty of laugh out loud moments, also peppered with interesting facts. Read within 24hrs as couldn’t put it down, one of those books you would recommend.

  2. loved the book, the writing is totally different from all the other books, full of humour all the way from ‘start till the end.’ had a good laugh till other people look at me thinking what was wrong and pointed the book ‘Police Lies & Alibis’. Great fun in reading all of his books.. you just carry on..

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