Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus

Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus by Christopher Tozier
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Young Olivia moves to the Florida scrub and finds much more than sand and scrawny oak trees. Caught in a battle for the fate of the universe, she slips down a tortoise burrow into the vast Floridan Aquifer where ancient animals thrive in a mysterious world. She learns the secret of a brilliant pearl and must use its power to discover her life’s ultimate destiny. this is the first novel in the Olivia Brophie series.


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2 thoughts on “Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus

  1. A very readable and engrossing book, with a fascinating plot, based on a highly interesting premise. Wonderfully imaginative and well written. I can’t wait to read the next one!

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