Mr Hendrix and The House That Talked

Mr Hendrix and The House That Talked by

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Mr Hendrix and The House That Talked
Will Hendrix the Pomeranian puppy save the day and rescue his friend Kitty The Toy Cat when she falls into danger.

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11 thoughts on “Mr Hendrix and The House That Talked

  1. The icing on the cake is , Mr Hendrix is a real dog and you can follow him on Facebook too ! I wonder what the real Kitty and Sid look like 🙂 it’s a nice modern twist on a good old fashioned story for the little-uns

  2. My two year old and four year old children adore Mr Hendrix and keep asking when they are going to get to meet him 🙂 I will have to sneak them into the media party we’re organising I think!

  3. A great delightful book, my nieces loved it and I made them a promise that one day Mr Hendrix will meet them. They are both excited for the next book. 🙂

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