About The Book Awards

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These are the only book awards that are truly open to the book (and *Kindle) reading public. Ordinary people who wish to show their support for a particular title may do so by nominating or voting for it in our annual award competitions.

For over a decade, The Book Awards has offered emerging and established authors the chance to compete on equal terms.

Winners have appeared on TV and Radio around the world as well as in regional press and online publications. Book sales have increased and contracts with major publishers have been secured by winners. Simply being nominated can lead to additional sales.

Not only will you find the work of established and emerging writers but you can see their popularity from the votes in support of each title. Reviews of books that are less well-known are also encouraged.

Vote for a book in our FaceBook poll, or view the current list of nominations here: The Book Awards on FaceBook!

NB The results will be determined by The Book Awards selection panel at the end of each year. The poll and any supporting reviews will assist the panel in selecting the short list.

Nominate a book by adding the title and author’s name to the poll!

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