Michael Parker

I was born in Cuckfield, Sussex in 1941 and within one week was back where my family lived in Wandsworth, London. I lived through the rest of the war without knowing very much about it. I was blown up by a bomb…. No I wasn’t, that was just my author’s imagination running away with itself; trying to make a story more exciting.
Anyway, I was brought up in London, in Wandsworth and Battersea. I attended Sir Walter St. John’s Grammar School for boys in Battersea until the family moved to Portsmouth in 1954 for my father’s health. I continued my education at Southern Grammar School for Boys.
I left school and started work as a junior designer at Twilfits (Corset/Brassiere manufacturer). I left after one year and joined the Merchant Navy as a Steward. Two years later I married Pat, my teenage sweetheart (I first laid eyes on her when she was fourteen and I was fifteen), and went to work on a building site. Three months later I joined the RAF as an electrician. After 16 years of service I left and worked as an electrical engineer with Ross Foods. After two years I then joined BAC working in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) for a year followed soon afterwards with another food manufacturer (Mars) for further 17 years. I retired in 1996 and moved out to Spain with Pat in 1997 to live on the Costa Blanca. We have four sons and ten grandchildren.
I have written all my adult life but my very first success came in 1980 when Macmillan published my novel, NORTH SLOPE . My second success was SHADOW OF THE WOLF published by Robert Hale in 1984. My third, HELL’S GATE, published in 2007 by Robert Hale followed by THE EAGLE’S COVENANT (2007) and THE DEVIL’S TRINITY in 2008. Additionally THE THIRD SECRET, was published in March 2009. Following that my 7th novel, A COVERT WAR. I am now waiting (September 2011) publication of my eighth novel, THE BOY FROM BERLIN in December. Once again this will be published by Hale.

I have been a member of the Acclaimed Books group for a little over three years now, collaborating with them on PASSAGE TO REDEMPTION, which was published last year, 2010. Since then, still with Acclaimed Books, I have published two of my novels as paperbacks and Kindle. They are NORTH SLOPE and A COVERT WAR.  I will also be releasing ROSELLI’S GOLD this year. This novel was released as The Third Secret in 2009.

                                                                                                Michael Parker Sept. 2011