Maureen Moss

Maureen Moss was born in Gosport, England, and lived in Lincoln before her parents moved to the island of Guernsey where she grew up. After graduating with honours from Reading University, she set up Personnel Appointments – a recruitment agency for professionals – married and had three children. She went on to teach modern languages at both the Ladies’ and Elizabeth Colleges before being appointed as Head of Modern Languages at St. Sampson’s Secondary school.

In 1997 after a divorce, she set off on a round-the-world journey with her children and returned to Guernsey to retrain in the travel industry, eventually being appointed Tour Leader for Travelbag Adventures, a job which took her all over the world.

Maureen now lives in Spain, from where she hosts her website, offering a course leading to a qualification for other would-be tour leaders.

More to Life is her first novel.

More to Life by Maureen Moss