Heather Whipp

HeatherWhipp2Heather lives with her husband Tom in Saint George, southern Utah, where she spends much of her free time working on her trilogy of novels, the first of which, Golden Promise, was released by AB.c under the Shared Risk, Shared Reward publishing agreement. She was born and raised in Australia and became a university-trained teacher, working for the Department of Education in Queensland, Australia. Later she moved to England and had the privilege of living in the small village of Scaynes Hill, West Sussex, and teaching in Cuckfield, West Sussex, for nine years.

Prior to residing in the USA, Heather and her husband worked in the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu, where they delivered humanitarian aid for eleven years. They owned an ocean-going catamaran and sailed back and forth between the island nation and Australia, taking much-needed medical and educational supplies to isolated communities on many of Vanuatu’s 82 islands. As a child in a small one-teacher school at Maroochy River, Queensland, Australia, Heather would engage in oral storytelling, creating stories from her active imagination as she went along. This planted the seeds for her future writing of fictional stories.

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