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  1. I have been a fan of Linda Gillard for a good few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of her books. I loved the twists and turns in this one. Very much a page turner.

  2. My thoughts on it from my website

    House Of Silence starts with the introduction of our main characters, how they meet and the build up of their relationship.

    Gwen has no family to call her own so when she gets the chance to meet and spend Christmas with Alfie’s she jumps at it. Alfie isn’t keen on spending Christmas with his family but it is tradition and the only time he does. He warns Gwen he is different around them and to prepare her for the meeting.

    As the story progresses we see a different Alfie and pick up on the families wariness at a stranger being brought in and more so when Gwen starts to notice things aren’t quite what they seem. Relationships bloom and secrets threaten to spill out as well as an unexpected attraction. Marek is the gardener, quiet, mysterious and knows a lot about the family and Gwen finds herself drawn to him.

    This story has so many levels to it. Half way through I thought it was going to flag but instead found myself glued to the next page to find out what the secret is and how it all unravels. A totally unexpected conclusion but I really enjoyed this book and glad I got this as and at £1.90 it was a total steal. 5/5 for me.

  3. My review from amazon:

    This book was quite an emotional roller coaster. Well-written and a satisfying psychological mystery. Every one has secrets and the unravelling of these is fascinating and moving. A dramatic but up-lifting read.

  4. I read this book in three sessions – a worthy way of avoiding housework. I loved the layers of plot that peeled away slowly. The way the characters interacted and used real conversation to communicate. Dialogue is so difficult to write but Linda Gillard does it so well. Well worth five stars I thought

  5. 18-ishteen months back, I was introduced to Linda Gillard with her book ‘Emotional Geology’. by a very good friend. I was entranced from the start and would thoroughly recommend. This book (House of Silence) has all those wonderful elements (as in Emotional Geology), and yet has a difference in the way it that it is told. Both books are expressed exactly in empathy with all participants,- protagonist or nae. The thing is that, with all reviews of books, letting the cat out of the bag is bit too easy, especially if you really like them. So, in an effort to avoid spoilers just let it be said ‘ The Silent House’ has filmic qualities that make me think of Hitchcock, Mr Rochester and Jane Eyre and all those atmospheric old movies that did try to capture that certain ‘something’. The beauty in this book is in the theme of a triumph of honesty.
    The description of people: the way that they act, react and thus behave really rather reminds me of Jane Austen. Good luck & Thank you.

  6. At last I’ve found another author besides Kate Atkinson that writes beautiful English, tells a fascinating tale that keeps you turning the pages, gives her characters amazing depth and has really done her research. I’ve learned so much from reading Linda’s books, and this is another stunner. Well worth five stars.

  7. Linda Gillard is a wonderful writer and a wonderful advocate for writers and modern publishing such as epublishing which allows those whose gifts cross genres, as do hers, to reach readers. All her books are terrific!

  8. Just read for the second time and enjoyed it even more than first time round. Fell in love with all the characters and Linda’s writing kept you hooked till the very last page.

  9. If you’ve not had the pleasure of reading any of Linda Gillard’s books before, I suggest you put that right as soon as you can. She has a great style of writing and all her books are different and very readable. Please pick one up soon, you won’t be disappointed.

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