Ghosts of Grand Rapids

Ghosts of Grand Rapids by Nicole Bray & Robert Du Shane with Julie Rathsack

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Come nose around in the creepier corners of the Grand Rapids of yesteryear.

Discover why Hell’s Bridge persists as such an oft-told urban legend.

Learn the horrific history that earned Heritage Hill the title of Michigan’s most haunted neighborhood.

Mingle with the spooky inhabitants of the Phillips Mansion, Holmdene Manor, San Chez Restaurant and St. Cecilia Music Center.

Meet the guests who never quite checked out of the Amway Grand.

Read the true stories behind the Michigan Bell Building and the Ada Witch Legend.

Nicole Bray, Robert Du Shane and Julie Rathsack illuminate the shadows of local sites you thought you knew in a book that is sure to prove to be a must for your paranormal library.

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12 thoughts on “Ghosts of Grand Rapids

  1. This was a great book. I loved the way they told the whole stories behind the legends I have heard since I was a child. It was great to have the holes in the tales filled in. I couldn’t put the book down.

  2. This was one of the best paranormal books I have ever read, and I have read MANY of them. The historic back-stories that fed the modern paranormal activity was a brilliantly executed blend of history and ghosts. I look forward to reading more from these authors.

  3. I was tricked into reading a history book when they added the ghost stories in. Great book, well written and well researched. Recommended to everyone.

  4. I own over 200 books on hauntings and ghosts. This is BY FAR my absolute favorite! It didn’t just rehash the same stories that you’ll find in every other haunted Michigan book. It dug into the history of each story and added so many more details that I did not know about. I saw myself feeling educated about the city that I live in and wanting to know more. I can only hope second book is in the works. Kudos to the authors! I couldn’t put it down!

    • We are currently finishing our 5th book which will be on Kalamazoo. Following that is a true crime story about the Jeannie Singleton Murder, we do however plan to release some of the stories that wouldn’t fit in this book as a Kindle book with-in the year. Visit to keep up to date with everything we do.

  5. I also own an entire library of paranormal books and this book and another by the same authors are by far the best ones. I too love the fact that there was so much research done into the source of the hauntings. The fact that the authors are seasoned paranormal investigators also helped because they didn’t waste our time with photos of orbs and hairs caught in the camera flash as evidence the locations were haunted. I think this book deserves every award out there, let’s start with this one.

  6. I just finished this book. It was great. Made me rethink the paranormal genre. I now want to be a haunted historian too.

  7. I loved this book.It was so interesting to read about places I was familiar with.Well written and easy to read.

  8. Loved this book. It really makes me want to go out and look deeper into the history of my city. Very well written. Can’t wait for the next!

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