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500 Years of Island Life by Peter Lihou

From the early 1400s to the 21st century, the island of Guernsey was a microcosm of society edging its way from feudalism towards democracy. During those 500 years, the Lihou family worked and lived on the island and their story is woven into many of the great events that have shaped, not just the island, but the wider world. Sixteen generations of the Lihou family span the half-millennium of this story and with each generation, a unique view of the society and context of their everyday lives unfolds. Where historical records have established the facts, as with Parish registers, they have been included. Oral history, books and reports have also provided much of the historical detail. But where no such records exist, conjecture has been used to create a possible version of events, which affords a rare glimpse into the lives of our ancestors.

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The Tour Guide Life by Maureen Moss

Ever wanted to see the world but put off by the cost? Here’s a way to do it for free:Have the life of a Tour Guide, not only will you see the world, but you’ll get paid for doing it!If you want to glimpse the life of a tour guide, join Maureen Moss on a selection of tours to worldwide destinations. Experience the exhilarating highlights – and the challenges – that make up the daily routine of a tour leader’s life. Travel from Cuba to Uzbekistan, from Madrid to Tibet and join a highly experienced Tour Guide for the adventure of a lifetime.After reading this book, you will know for sure if this is the life for you…

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