Small town cults linger around our communities. They’re hidden among us, picking up believers and working to grow strong, though most remain invisible to us. What would happen if a heavily religious cult took over one of our towns? How much damage would it cause us? Casper is an exile from his home, but when he finds out his brother has died, he returns to save his family from the ravenous followers who have taken over. Returning for his sister and mother, the young man must fight against the brainwashed folks he used to call neighbors. Can he save them? Or will his return cause the demise of the rest of his family? Welcome to the cold walls of Brinwood.

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Second Skin The Pack

Alex Thomas’ family has just moved back to Greenwood on the edge of the city, a sleepy woodland town where Alex’s father grew up.
However, his father’s family holds a secret, and Alex’s life changes when he finds out he is much more than he appears to be.
As a fight for dominance among two family legacies begins.


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Darkly Wood

When a new arrival to the village of Cranby discovers a small leather bound book called ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ she soon discovers that not all of the stories within are as fantastic as they first appear.

The book tells of supposedly terrible events which have occurred in the Wood that overlooks the village. What begins as an innocent stroll with her new admirer up by Darkly Wood soon turns into a nightmare for young Daisy, one from which it seems impossible to escape.

The line between reality and fantasy soon begins to blur, as a fledgling love affair is tested in the most terrifying circumstances. Swept up in her emotions, the young girl soon discovers that while sometimes love is all you need, sometimes love is not enough. There is something wrong up in Darkly Wood, and soon Daisy has to fight to save more than her life.

This spine chilling love story builds momentum and maintains excitement and pace right to the astonishing and jaw dropping climax. Along the way stories from the book ‘Tales of Darkly Wood’ help reveal the strange truth behind the mysterious Wood high on the hill above Cranby.
If you like a thrilling ride and enjoy storytelling at its best, Darkly Wood will keep you on the edge of your seat and lead you into a wonderful world of storytelling all at the same time.

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Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium

Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium by Kristy Robinett

Printed Book

At the age of three, Kristy Robinett predicted her grandmother’s death. When she was eight, the spirit of her deceased grandfather helped her escape from a would-be kidnapper. This captivating, powerful memoir is filled with unforgettable scenes: spot-on predictions, countless spirit visits at home and school, menacing paranormal activity, and Kristy’s first meeting with two spirit guides who became her constant allies. Born into a strict religious family, Kristy believed she was cursed and hid her psychic abilities for many years. Over time, she learned to use her talent to do good in the world, and now she has decided to share her incredible story. Follow Kristy’s emotional journey through a difficult childhood, stormy marriages, conflict with faith, job loss, and illness—and the hard-won lessons that opened her heart to true love and acceptance of her unique gift.

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Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan III

Spirits Rising: Haunted Travels of Michigan III by Kathleen Tedsen, Beverlee Rydel

Printed Book

Paranormal investigations where history is retold by the spirits. Join the authors as they explore some of Michigan’s most reputedly haunted locations.

This book is web interactive. Read the story, see and hear the evidence on the Haunted Travels of Michigan[s website … decide for yourself.

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Ghosts of Grand Rapids

Ghosts of Grand Rapids by Nicole Bray & Robert Du Shane with Julie Rathsack

Printed Book

Come nose around in the creepier corners of the Grand Rapids of yesteryear.

Discover why Hell’s Bridge persists as such an oft-told urban legend.

Learn the horrific history that earned Heritage Hill the title of Michigan’s most haunted neighborhood.

Mingle with the spooky inhabitants of the Phillips Mansion, Holmdene Manor, San Chez Restaurant and St. Cecilia Music Center.

Meet the guests who never quite checked out of the Amway Grand.

Read the true stories behind the Michigan Bell Building and the Ada Witch Legend.

Nicole Bray, Robert Du Shane and Julie Rathsack illuminate the shadows of local sites you thought you knew in a book that is sure to prove to be a must for your paranormal library.

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My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obession

My Paranormal Journey: One Man’s Obession by Rick Waid

Printed Book

If you want to read the most unique spiritual journey that has ever been documented, then I highly recommend this book by Rick Waid! The evolution of Rick’s gift is fascinating and captivating. He shows the reader how his journey begins through the use of a video camera, but the things that he captures with it are so mind blowing because he has spirits respond to his questions immediately and intelligently, moving objects after he asks them. After Rick gets his audio recorder for EVP as a Christmas gift from his wife, his obsession with ghost hunting kicks into high gear. He learns and makes mistakes along the way by going to places that he shouldn’t and by joining groups who don’t utilize the talents of the members such as posting the credible evidence he captured. When he starts lying to his wife about his paranormal activities, the reader realizes that there is something larger than life that is driving Rick’s addiction to capturing spirit voices. He finds many places to record spirits and his accounts are both scary and compelling. Eventually, Rick’s true gift of remote viewing starts to manifest itself and he starts reading his friends and relatives and predicts future events that come true. His empathic and sensitive abilities manifest themselves completely and his accounts of searching for missing people or helping to solve victim’s murder investigations will leave the reader on the edge of their seats wanting more answers. Because of the evolution of his gifts, he puts down the recorder one day realizing that he no longer needs it because he can hear the spirits in his mind without it. This journey of Rick Waid is truly magnificent in the sense that his spirit awakens and is swept from being mere paranormal encounters to truly a spiritual account of someone who now does God’s work here on this earth. This is a must read for everyone interested in the paranormal not only for the excitement of his stories, but also for witnessing his spiritual enlightenment.

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