How Black Were Our Valleys

How Black Were Our Valleys by Deborah Price and Natalie Butts-Thompson

Printed Book

How Black Were Our Valleys All profits from the sale of this book go to ‘The South Wales Area – Miners’ Beneficiary Fund,’ which helps ex-miners and their families both socially and medically. To commemorate 30 years since the 1984/85 miners strike, we have collected a variety of memories, stories, poems and events that happened during that time. A law professor who helped the miners with free legal advice, and also set up the Rhymney Valley Miners’ Support Group. An inspirational speech that led to the making of this publication. Stories of hardship, solidarity, overcoming prejudices and adversity add to the diversity of this collection. Women who changed their outlook on life completely. The government tactics used against the striking miners. Those who were just children at the time and the impact it had on them when they were growing up. The generosity of all those that came out in support of the striking miners. What happened after the strike? Why did all those mines have to close? The memories and accounts are personal, these are the stories that didn’t get to the mainstream media, but are extremely important regardless, not just to the South Wales Mining Community, but also to all those communities that were involved .

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Man Made Killers

Man Made Killers by Steven Soul


A fast paced, action packed thriller that keeps you on the edge of you seat right to the end.

Martin Kelpper virtually lives in the bowels of the company’s secret underground department. Peter, his boss has to constantly keep Martin on a short leash to prevent him from hurting himself – or the public.
After an alien invasion rocks the small island of Jersey, the only chance the world has, means Peter is forced into letting go of the leash altogether.
Martin is sure his technology will save the earth, but as time marches on Peter and even Sally, Martins right hand woman starts to lose faith.
Who will be right? Only time and a whole lot of bloodshed will tell.

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