Beyond Graces Rainbow

Beyond Graces Rainbow by Carmel Harrington


Carmel Harrington’s debut novel, Beyond Grace’s Rainbow has been receiving rave reviews, with 5 * ratings from both readers and book bloggers alike.

“I never cry at books…movies yes, books no. But Harrington has this gift of sucking you in and you fall in love with the characters despite their flaws, (wish I had a group of friends like them though)” by Eimear Comerford

“Harrington is definately a new Irish author to keep an eye on. She has a deep insight into the humansoul and has a unique way of depicting that through words.” by LisaGP

“Excellent novel, literally couldn’t put the book down until I got to the end!” by HHeg

”I really enjoyed the story and the characters (could be people I know}. Also just the places mentioned reminded me of going to them when living or visiting over there.” by Shirl

“Well i bought this book and less than 24 hours had it finished, amazing read. I laughed….i cried….felt so intune with each and every character and their lives.” by Clare L

“This book has so many twists and turns it will keep you guessing right up until the very end. “ by Overthemoon

“By chapter 8 I’d a lump in my troat, a tear in my eye and had laughed out loud. Read it in a matter of hours. Really believed what I was reading, so by the end was in floods of tears.” by Emma Tate

“It was such a good read that I had to force myself to stop reading so that I didn’t finish it quite so quickly. I was torn between wanting to get to the end and wanting to draw it out so that the characters would be part of my day for a little longer!” by Jen Kelly

“Funny & Sad all rolled into one” by Siobhan Mc

Beyond Grace’s Rainbow is a poignant story about a young mother’s battle with cancer. Single mother Grace Devlin faces what will be the biggest fight of her life and the stakes are high. She cannot contemplate leaving her adorable little boy Jack all alone in the world. Unfortunately for Grace her best chance of survival is to receive a bone marrow transplant, so she embarks on a heart breaking search for her biological parents, as she was adopted when a small baby. This search will unravel a web of lies and deceit that has spanned over thirty years.

And just when she thinks life can get no more complicated, Jack’s father Liam is back in town full of remorse and he’s made it clear that he’s not leaving until he’s won her back. Liam was the love of Grace’s life but can she trust him ever again? Helping Grace muddle her way through her cancer treatment and complicated love life are her friends – Tara, Sean, Abby, Tom and Gerry. Tara is Grace’s cousin and is happily married to Sean but they are desperate for a baby of their own; Abby, Grace and Tara’s friend from college is single and looking for her one true love which is proving difficult, whilst Tom would be happy if his boyfriend Gerry for once didn’t max out their credit card! Beyond Grace’s Rainbow will bring the reader into Graces world where friendship, courage, loyalty, laughter and above all love are abundant. The story will bring you on an emotional journey with Grace and her friends that will have the reader both laughing and crying at the turn of a page.

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Please Don’t Remove MarGreat’s Glasses!

Please Don’t Remove MarGreat’s Glasses! by Josh Baker

Printed Book

“Please Don’t Remove MarGreat’s Glasses!” is an inspirational coming of age story that follows the trials and tribulations of privileged teenager, Timothy Clement, as he prepares for his first year of law school.

Timothy and his two closest friends embark on one last adventure before heading to college which puts them in the middle of Miami’s seedy nightlife, complete with partying, wild girls, and various illegal activities.

Things go horribly wrong when Timothy crosses the wrong people and his younger brother Stephen pays for Timothy’s reckless behavior with his life. Stripped of his status, abandoned by his friends and family, and incarcerated, Timothy is forced to reevaluate his life, and in particular, his atheist beliefs.

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