Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus

Olivia Brophie and The Pearl of Tagelus by Christopher Tozier
Printed Book

Young Olivia moves to the Florida scrub and finds much more than sand and scrawny oak trees. Caught in a battle for the fate of the universe, she slips down a tortoise burrow into the vast Floridan Aquifer where ancient animals thrive in a mysterious world. She learns the secret of a brilliant pearl and must use its power to discover her life’s ultimate destiny. this is the first novel in the Olivia Brophie series.


Once Upon a Magical Christmas Eve

Once Upon a Magical Christmas Eve by Suzie G Heel

Printed Book

This little book was written for all children everywhere, and for the inner child in grown-ups too! The story tells of the very real experience the author had as a small child one bitterly cold and snowy Christmas Eve, when she decided she would like to meet Father Christmas when he arrived at her house on his sleigh to fill her stocking with treats